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Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica

Actas IX Congreso Internacional 1998 (Tempe)

Actas anteriores

Sept. 17, l998

1. Outgoing president Debra Castillo announced the election results and welcomed new members of the association’s executive committee:

Asuncion Horno Delgado-vice president
Patricia Rubio-secretary
Maria Esther Hernandez Palacios, Stacey Schlau, and Christine Henseler-vocales

2. Debra Castillo and Asuncion Horno Delgado will be continuing efforts to create an up-to-date and accurate membership directory, which will be posted on the ALFH website, along with other essential documents such as the organization’s statutes. Please direct all suggestions for the ALFH website to Debra Castillo at . Please make sure Debra or Chonin have your e-mail address or a way to contact you. Do this as soon as possible. Please contact other members you know for them to be aware of this important issue vital for the well being of the Association.

3. This fall, association president Magdalena Maiz Pena will be sending an important letter to all members asking for their current information in a continuing effort to achieve better and more accurate member data.

4. Debra Castillo announced the first annual Victoria Urbano prizes, which will be awarded in two categories: (1) academic essay and (2) creative work. All participants in the Tempe conference are eligible, and are invited to send their submissions to Magdalena Maiz Pena by December 1. –academic essays should be fully developed, polished essays in MLA format. –creative work may include a poem, a 5-10 page short story or one-act play. Questions should be directed to her at

5. Adelaida Lopez de Martinez was unable to attend the conference, but informs the membership that the association currently holds approximately $11,000 of assets, against which will be charged $6000 for the current issue of Letras Femeninas.
–The current issue of Letras will be released on schedule in October.
–Members are also reminded of the closing date for proposals to take over editorship of the journal. All proposals should include a letter of intent as well as a statement from an apppropriate administration official indicating the level of institutional support. Interested parties are urged to speak to Adelaida about the requirements of such a task and to submit their proposals by 1/1/99, after which time they will be evaluated by Adelaida and the other members of the executive committee of the association.

6. Raquel Romeu announced the availability of Victoria Urbano’s books to interested individuals and libraries. Until 1/1/99 individuals may purchase copies of the books for $5 each, and may request a free complete set for their libraries. After 1/1/99 remaining books will be donated to libraries in Latin America. For further information contact her

7. Guadalupe Cortina reported on the on-line newsletter, Grafemas. Members are invited to send their contributions for the next issue, now in production, and also to contact Guadalupe at if they are interested in taking over editorship of the newsletter at some point.

8. Patricia Quesada introduced the l999 conference, which will take place Sept. 23-25 in Queretaro, Mexico with the theme “La mujer y la literatura hacia el ano 2000.” The call for papers is posted on the ALFH website, and inquiries about the conference should be directed to her at

9. Magdalena Maiz Pena reported on tentative proposals for future conferences in 2000 and 2001, and also urged members to contact her if they are interested in organizing the annual conference.

10. Magdalena Maiz Pena proposed establishing a mentoring program for graduate students and junior faculty, as well as a grant writing information clearing house. A note will be included to inquire about interest in this project in her fall letter, and a panel will be organized on the topic of mentoring for the 1999 Queretaro conference.

11. Asuncion Horno Delgado suggested establishing a new prize for lifetime achievement for someone who has contributed extensively to the advancement and promotion of the Hispanic Women Writers field through his/her professional career expertise. Potential awardees would not need to be members of the association,but at least two members of ALFH would have to write nomination letters. Suggestions about this idea should be sent to her for collating and discussion in the 1999 annual meeting.

12. Alicia Kozameh announced the founding of a new editorial (Ediciones el Taller) to address the problem of publication of both creative and academic work, and she shared the first book with us. Interested members should contact her for further information.

13. Several members commented on the urgency of obtaining accurate and up-to-date membership lists, and asked for more transparency in, and refining of, the electoral process. Debra Castillo responded that she is aware of the problems of the membership list, which has been afflicting us for at least 5 years, and continues to be a matter of concern despite efforts to merge and update existing lists. She also acknowledged concerns about the electoral process and informed the body that she personally counted all the ballots sent. The executive committee will take the elections process under advisement and will suggest refinements for discussion in the l999 conference. Suggestions should be sent to association secretary Patrica Rubio at

Respectfully submitted,
Debra A. Castillo
past president