Tá Falado

December 18, 2006

Lesson 9: Pronunciation of Vowel Raising, Parking Meters

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This lesson takes on some pretty advanced stuff. We’re going to talk about “vowel raising.” No, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the Future Farmers of America or with the building of a barn. But, do come on out for some good old Texas … that is Brazilian “vowel raisin’.”

And don’t worry about where to park your pick-up because Valdo and Michelle will also talk to you about parking cars in the U.S. and Brazil. I know, a corny intro, but we just couldn’t resist!


Lesson 8: Pronunciation of Nasal Diphthongs, Buying Fruits and Vegetables at the Market

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Somehow it always seems more difficult to buy food in other countries. We just get used to how everything is done in our home country: park in front of the supermarket, grab the cart, choose your fruits and vegetables, get your packaged meat, find a loaf of bread, pick up a carton of milk. Easy, right? Wrong. Little nuances in how shopping is different can make things more difficult.

These shopping challenges are even greater than learning the pronunciation of nasal diphthongs, which is the language topic of this lesson. We’re sure that Valdo and Michelle with help us with both.


Lesson 7: Pronunciation of Nasal Vowels, Invitations to Parties

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Often people hear, “I think Portuguese sounds a lot like French and Spanish combined.” Maybe those that say this are hearing the nasalized vowels in Portuguese, and there are a lot of them. Either way, this lesson introduces the nasalized vowels.

As to the cultural element, Michelle and Valdo talk about how surprised they were to see that sometimes invitations to parties in the United States not only tell you when the party starts, but also when the party ends. How bizarre is that?


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