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July 23, 2007

Grammar Lesson 12: Personalized Infinitive, Paying for Your Education

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Not only are Brazilians thought of as being very friendly, now they even want to personalize their infinitive verbs! Valdo and Michelle lead the way in showing us how to do the same.

Culturally, we talk about the price of education in the United States.

And take a peek at this picture! Orlando’s really into the Texas Pride. Hook ’em Horns!

PODCAST LINK: Grammar Lesson 12

July 16, 2007

Grammar Lesson 11: Topic-Comment Patterns, Special Needs Privileges

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Just look at that barriga! Clearly the polite thing to do, at least in Brazil, would be to have a special line at banks, post offices, and supermarkets for those that have ‘special’ needs. However, the other day, in this condition, with that barriga, Michelle had to wait in line at the U.S. post office just like one of the ‘regular’ people.

Grammatically, Orlando seems to love topic-comment patterns almost too much. Is it possible that grammar is really that interesting?

PODCAST LINK: Grammar Lesson 11

July 6, 2007

Grammar Lesson 10: Word Order of Negative Phrases, Who Pays for Parties

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‘Não, não sei não.’ This is the pattern for Brazilians, to say ‘no’ three times in the sentence. It’s not that Valdo and Michelle are negative people, but they sure get their point across.

And speaking of their point of view, if YOU invite them to a party, YOU should really pay the tab!

PODCAST LINK: Grammar Lesson 10

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