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December 11, 2007

Grammar Lesson 20: This Just Isn’t Spanish, Adapting to Handicapped

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Oh man, where did this word come from? After a whole series of lessons in pronunciation and grammar and now we learn a whole bunch of words where Spanish and Portuguese are totally different. If Tá Falado is supposed to show learners the similarities between these two languages, well, this lesson just won’t do that. Today Michelle and Valdo give as words like embora, ainda, rapaz, jeito, cedo, and tomara.

It is true that Spanish and Portuguese are similar in many ways. However, today we look at the words that are not similar at all.

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December 4, 2007

Grammar Lesson 19: Present Perfect, Naming People

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One of life’s great mysteries is if a Brazilian marries someone from Venezuela, how do you figure out what their official name will be? We ought to be politicians because we spend the whole lesson talking about last names, middle names, and given names, but we never actually answer the question! In this lesson Michelle talks about what it has been like to explain her daughter’s full name. Americans get a little confused.

As to the grammar, we discuss the difference between phrases like have you been eating lately and have you ever eaten before.

PODCAST LINK: Grammar Lesson 19

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