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April 26, 2012

Studio 2: Behind The Scenes – Eu também acho

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This is our second behind-the-scenes video of one of our pop-up recording sessions.  This clip was also made while we were recording the comments section of the Gossip 1 lesson.  First off, you’ll see that we catch Orlando singing.  (He seems to do that quite a bit, he’s just a happy guy.) The recording sessions are always filled with tons of chit-chat, observations about what to say in the recordings, and language analysis to help decide what focus to take for the pop-up.  Truth told, grammar and language shouldn’t be this fun, but Denise, Valentino, Orlando, and Daniel look forward to it each and every week, and in the end they are all part of a pretty cool Conversa Brasileira.

Studio 1: Behind The Scenes, Ói que safado!

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Here we are, revealing all of our behind-the-scenes secrets about Conversa Brasileira.  In this clip you’ll see the recording session we made while creating the pop-up comments that accompany, Gossip 1: Ói, que safado!  Whenever we get together to discuss the various lessons, in the end we have our own little chit chat about what to say, what to comment on, and how to say it. The team is comprised of Denise and Valentino from the Brazilian side and Orlando and Daniel from the American side. So, take a peek at our world and join in on our Conversa Brasileira.

April 20, 2012

Jam Session 2: Tem que agradar todo mundo, né?

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Aê, galera!  That was André’s reaction to the group’s rendition of Pisa na fulô.  It’s like saying, “way to go guys!” Of course, one of the big decisions is to decide if everyone is singing in the right key. You’ve got to make it low enough for André and high enough for Antônio. After that, the group’s got to decide on how to transition from one song to the next.  It’s a lot of details to work out, but by the sound of things, not only are they making awesome music, they are also coming out with a pretty cool example of a Conversa Brasileira.

Jam Session 1: Acabou batendo aqui na cabeça

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So do you want to hear a little more xote or a little baião?  Antônio, André, Daniel, and Tommy are having a little jam session.  In fact, it’s the first time they have ever played together.  They’ve got a great sound, especially when you mix the rhythm from André’s zabumba with Antonio’s improvisation.  And if you think the music is good, wait until you hear their conversa brasileira.

April 11, 2012

Soccer 2: Ninguém tira o título da gente

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Don’t we all just love the satisfaction of winning a close, hard fought game!  Looks like Guilherme and Lucas’ team is now 5-0, even if the other team did complain that the ref should have called Lucas offsides when he scored the winning goal. Too bad, so sad.  Let the other team go home to cry, Lucas, and friends are heading over to Guilherme’s house where their gaúcho friend is going to break out the churrasco, which obviously will lead to more sports talk and even better conversa brasileira.

Soccer 1: Você foi muito fominha hoje!

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We hate to lose, especially when we’re ahead for a while and then lose it in the end, just hate that! And it doesn’t help when the referee totally ignores the obvious fouls.  And the next thing you know people are blaming each other too.  It just goes from bad to worse.  And that gremista guy was totally grabbing on to people’s shirts and pulling them down.  If any of this sounds familiar, welcome to the world of competitive sports.  We can all relate.  But, just like Heloísa, Alexandre, and Lucas, everyone’s got to buckle down and get ready for next week’s game too.  They’ve still got a chance, as long as Zeca doesn’t play goalie any more.  Bad luck on the field, but a good chance to hear a new Conversa Brasileira.

April 4, 2012

Gossip 2: Vai ser uma dupla interessante

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How tough is it to all of a sudden have an outsider brought in take over operations?  Alexandre and Heloísa are not impressed with the new guy at all.  Even worse, the rumor is that the new guy is way too young and they say he doesn’t even have a valid diploma from the university.  No wonder the gossip is flying around the office at light speed everywhere!  Of course we are not condoning the gossip, but we have to confess that we love what it shows us about a great conversa brasileira!

Gossip 1: Ói, que safado!

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Ah, there’s nothing like good old juicy office gossip, and Simone and Cristina are sharing tons of it.  Turns out that Carlos is arriving late at work again, meaning that he’s probably drinking again.  Even worse, if he’s running around with other women, you aren’t going to get any sympathy from the women in this office.  No wonder they call him ‘safado’, a real dirt bag, derogatory for sure, but it also makes for a great conversa brasileira!

March 5, 2012

Traffic 2: I hate this traffic!

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Poor Simone, in 40 minutes she has an interview, but the traffic in Belo Horizonte has got her stuck going nowhere.  In all of the complaining, it is kind of late for, “I told you we should have taken Getulio Vargas Avenue!” To make matters worst, some obnoxious guy behind them keeps honking his horn. We certainly feel sorry for Simon, but Thiago is doing his best to help her calm down. In the meantime, we get to hear a great exchange of their intense Conversa Brasileira.

Traffic 1: Don’t be blaming me on this!

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OK, so we all know how frustrating traffic can be.  Alexandre and Denise were doing a good job of hanging in there, but then Alexandre made the mistake of saying that part of the problem was because Denise wasn’t getting up early enough to get the kids ready, and to get herself ready too.  Oh Alexandre, why did you have to say that it only takes five minutes for you to get dressed and get out the door?  Oh well, we all say things that we regret when we’re frustrated with traffic.  In this case we just happen to hear all of this as part of a Conversa Brasileira.

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