Conversa Brasileira

May 8, 2009

Travel 1: Hanging out at Breakfast 1

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As Gilberto Gil sings, “O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo.” And that is the topic of discussion for Denise and Valentino as they chat at the breakfast table. The newspaper has an article on the violence in Rio, but Denise and Valentino just aren’t buying it. Nowadays São Paulo seems to have its share too. So our two Paulistas come to the defense of Rio de Janeiro. And São Paulo doesn’t have Corcovado, Pão de Açúcar, or Maracanã. It all makes for a nice Conversa Brasileira.

May 3, 2009

Animals 2: Dog lovers 2

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Let’s see if we’ve got this right. Simone has 4 dogs and 8 cats at home and all of them are strays that she found on the street! She loves animials and it seems only natural that she would want to sit and chat with Sandra who is out in the park with her dog named Belinha. And we get to hear their conversa brasileira.  Feel free to add your comments, observations, and questions.

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