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July 27, 2009

Hobbies 2: Collecting Brazilian Musical Instruments

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Now there’s an interesting hobby. Denise has been collecting musical instruments. And why not? Brazil has really cool instruments like her cavaquinho, her ganzá, and her pandeiro. So when Michelle was traveling recently, and knowing about Denise’s collection, she was nice enough to buy Denise a triângulo to add to her collection. As they talk about it we see a nice example of a Conversa Brasileira.

July 15, 2009

Hobbies 1: Anne’s almost 4 months old

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It’s a good thing that Michelle has such a great attitude, because taking care of a new baby can be a lot of work. But for Michelle, ‘Anne is my new hobby.’ Simone, typical of almost any woman who has had a child, starts asking about what Anne is up to. The result is a truly delightful Conversa Brasileira.

Travel 2: Hanging out at Breakfast 2

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Almost nobody loves his hometown more than Valdo loves Bahia. You can be sure that his invitation to take in the sights, hear the music, try some moqueca, and head out to Chapada Diamantina is real. Denise would love to go and it makes for a fun exchange in this Conversa Brasileira.

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