Conversa Brasileira

May 6, 2010

Food 2: Churrasco Brasileiro – Brazilian “churrasco” with a capital BBQ!

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This dialog deals with one of those invitations that we all dream of getting. Valdo and Denise have invited some of their North American friends to come over for a Brazilian churrasco. However, before the picanha main course (one of the prime cuts of a top sirloin), Valdo and Denise will be starting off with lots of appetizers like kibes and pão de queijo. Talking about food while sipping on a caipirinha or a super cold guaraná certainly sets the stage for a great Conversa Brasileira.

May 5, 2010

Food 1: Kill me now, or feed me something Brazilian

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Our apologies to everyone who listens to this lesson. First off, if you have eaten these foods, it is killing you to hear about them without being able to eat them. Second of all, if you haven’t eaten these foods, you just won’t relate to what the fuss is all about. No wonder Brazilians use the phrase matar as saudades “to kill your homesickness” to talk about the powerful feeling that comes over you when you miss foods from another culture. No doubt, this makes for an impressive Conversa Brasileira.

Brazilpod  |  2022-12-09, 11:12:11 PM