Conversa Brasileira

June 7, 2010

Working Out 2: I love going to the gym

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Well, it looks like Denise is getting a good start at her new workouts in the gym. Valentino and Silvia know what they are doing and they’ve been at it for a while by now. Start slow, work your way up, and alternate between upper body and lower body. She should make it, and it also makes for an interesting Conversa Brasileira.

Working out 1: I’m just not feeling it.

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Andréia and Leandro have been working out for quite some time, and guess who finally shows up at the gym? That’s right, Antônio. Sounds like he’s going to take another crack at getting into shape. Andréia and Leandro aren’t very sure he’ll stick it out, but the rest of us are cheering for Antônio to get back into the routine. The three of them talk up a storm and it’s a pretty nice Conversa Brasileira.

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