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September 16, 2010

Grandparents 1: Hopscotch and Marbles or Polly Pocket?

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Some of our greatest childhood memories are often those of interactions with grandparents: playing cards, fishing, hanging out in the tool shed, hearing stories, etc. Talk about different worlds! This dialog compares grandpa’s games with tops, kites, and marbles to Alice’s Polly Pocket computer games. “You just google it, grandpa.” The games and topics may be different, but what stays the same is the great feeling that comes when grandparents chat away with grandchildren. In this case, Ivo and Alice’s chat is a perfect example of another Conversa Brasileira.

September 2, 2010

Wedding 2: Mixing it up. When Brazilians marry Americans.

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So what’s more nerve-wracking than preparing for a wedding? How about preparing for a wedding between an American and a Brazilian! You never really realize how many things are traditional about weddings until you start planning for one that involves people from different cultures. From the gift registry to the ring bearers, Denise and Fernanda get to compare notes on how the preparation is going. Opps, Denise has forgotten all about the invitations, but until that point we were part of a very interesting Conversa Brasileira.

Wedding 1: One big fancy wedding

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Sílvia calls the wedding that Andréia went to a “casamento de grã-fino”, which is a perfect way of saying that it was a big, fancy wedding. There’s no denying it, wedding traditions differ from one country to another. Just imagine what might happen when an American marries a Brazilian! So, bring Silvia and Andréia together and watch them talk about weddings. No doubt, we have the makings of a pretty amazing Conversa Brasileira.

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