Conversa Brasileira

February 17, 2011

School 1: School: I have my very own locker!

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Put yourself in the situation of a high school study abroad student. First of all, chances are that this is your first experience living abroad. And everything is new: teachers, homework, computers, lunchrooms, clothes, and schedules. Wow, what a transition! In this dialog Andréia is about to pick up her niece, Kauane, who is currently in the U.S., attending an American high school. Life has been different for her, and it makes for a cool Conversa Brasileira.

February 1, 2011

Park 2: Moms in the Park 2: They are getting along really well

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Even when little kids don’t know each other well, they seem to do just fine playing at the playscape in the park. As Isabela observes, Estão se dando super bem “They are getting along really well.” Now it is true that sometimes they fall and need stitches and other times they catch colds from others around them, but today’s a nice day, the kids are having fun, and the beautiful weather gives the moms a perfect excuse to sit on the park bench and have a nice Conversa Brasileira.

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