Conversa Brasileira

January 3, 2012

Shopping 3: Capricha lá – Do your best!

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Our hats go off to Alexandre. It’s a brave man who walks into a jewelry store to buy something special for his wife for Valentine’s Day. You’ve got the choice of necklaces, earrings, or bracelets on one end and leather, silver, gold, or precious stones on the other end. Fortunately for Alexandre, and for all of the rest of us too, Ana knows what the ladies like. She’ll even wrap it up to make the gift box look nice. So with a simple, “Capricha lá” Alexandre and Ana finish up the jewelry purchase Conversa Brasileira.

Shopping 2: It looks like spun gold, doesn’t it?

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Handmade handicrafts, fancy necklaces, pretty earrings, and the famous “capim dourado.” (What in the world is Golden Grass?). It looks like Cris’ expenses at Ana Brazil are proportional to how much she is enjoying the unique items that are for sale at the boutique. We can listen in to learn more about the latest fashion items and while we are at it, here’s a chance to study the details of two Paulistas having a Conversa Brasileira.

Shopping 1: They’ll love this with a passion!

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Here in Austin, Texas, Ana’s boutique is so well known that everyone just calls her “Ana Brasil.” Imagine, she is so much a part of the community that even her name represents a whole country. Now we know that in this clip Denise is pretending to be in Brazil and she hopes to bring some creative items back for her friends. Ana Brasil has tons of cool items and there is no doubt that she’ll take some pretty unique pieces home. So, let’s see what Denise ends up buying as part of this Conversa Brasileira.

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