Conversa Brasileira

March 5, 2012

Traffic 2: I hate this traffic!

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Poor Simone, in 40 minutes she has an interview, but the traffic in Belo Horizonte has got her stuck going nowhere.  In all of the complaining, it is kind of late for, “I told you we should have taken Getulio Vargas Avenue!” To make matters worst, some obnoxious guy behind them keeps honking his horn. We certainly feel sorry for Simon, but Thiago is doing his best to help her calm down. In the meantime, we get to hear a great exchange of their intense Conversa Brasileira.

Traffic 1: Don’t be blaming me on this!

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OK, so we all know how frustrating traffic can be.  Alexandre and Denise were doing a good job of hanging in there, but then Alexandre made the mistake of saying that part of the problem was because Denise wasn’t getting up early enough to get the kids ready, and to get herself ready too.  Oh Alexandre, why did you have to say that it only takes five minutes for you to get dressed and get out the door?  Oh well, we all say things that we regret when we’re frustrated with traffic.  In this case we just happen to hear all of this as part of a Conversa Brasileira.

Directions 2: Moço, dá licença

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In real life Simone and Thiago are married, so when we recorded this lesson we had a good time teasing Thiago about his willingness to offer to show Simone how to get to the library. “It’s not exactly on my way, but from there I can show you and then I’ll go to the Chemistry Department,” he said. Thiago’s a smart Guy. What better way is there to get to know the cute new arrival than to offer to accompany her to find the library! Not only that, the exchange shows us how Brazilians help others when they are lost and it’s a fine example of a Conversa Brasileira.



Directions 1: Tô perdido – I’m lost

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We’ve all been in the same situation as Alexandre, ‘Acabei de chegar. Tô perdido.’ (I just arrived. I am lost). Fortunately for Alexandre, Lucas is not only willing to help him out, Lucas will even take him to the place he needs to go. And whay not? We all sympathize with others because we know what if feels like to be in a new place and to be a bit disoriented too. No doubt Alexandre made it to his orientation meeting, and along the way he had a great Conversa Brasileira.

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