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March 5, 2012

Directions 2: Moço, dá licença

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In real life Simone and Thiago are married, so when we recorded this lesson we had a good time teasing Thiago about his willingness to offer to show Simone how to get to the library. “It’s not exactly on my way, but from there I can show you and then I’ll go to the Chemistry Department,” he said. Thiago’s a smart Guy. What better way is there to get to know the cute new arrival than to offer to accompany her to find the library! Not only that, the exchange shows us how Brazilians help others when they are lost and it’s a fine example of a Conversa Brasileira.



Directions 1: Tô perdido – I’m lost

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We’ve all been in the same situation as Alexandre, ‘Acabei de chegar. Tô perdido.’ (I just arrived. I am lost). Fortunately for Alexandre, Lucas is not only willing to help him out, Lucas will even take him to the place he needs to go. And whay not? We all sympathize with others because we know what if feels like to be in a new place and to be a bit disoriented too. No doubt Alexandre made it to his orientation meeting, and along the way he had a great Conversa Brasileira.

January 3, 2012

Shopping 3: Capricha lá – Do your best!

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Our hats go off to Alexandre. It’s a brave man who walks into a jewelry store to buy something special for his wife for Valentine’s Day. You’ve got the choice of necklaces, earrings, or bracelets on one end and leather, silver, gold, or precious stones on the other end. Fortunately for Alexandre, and for all of the rest of us too, Ana knows what the ladies like. She’ll even wrap it up to make the gift box look nice. So with a simple, “Capricha lá” Alexandre and Ana finish up the jewelry purchase Conversa Brasileira.

Shopping 2: It looks like spun gold, doesn’t it?

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Handmade handicrafts, fancy necklaces, pretty earrings, and the famous “capim dourado.” (What in the world is Golden Grass?). It looks like Cris’ expenses at Ana Brazil are proportional to how much she is enjoying the unique items that are for sale at the boutique. We can listen in to learn more about the latest fashion items and while we are at it, here’s a chance to study the details of two Paulistas having a Conversa Brasileira.

Shopping 1: They’ll love this with a passion!

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Here in Austin, Texas, Ana’s boutique is so well known that everyone just calls her “Ana Brasil.” Imagine, she is so much a part of the community that even her name represents a whole country. Now we know that in this clip Denise is pretending to be in Brazil and she hopes to bring some creative items back for her friends. Ana Brasil has tons of cool items and there is no doubt that she’ll take some pretty unique pieces home. So, let’s see what Denise ends up buying as part of this Conversa Brasileira.

April 13, 2011

School 2: School: What are you doing about the whole lunch thing?

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Think of all of the American movies and TV shows that Brazilians might have seen about life in American high schools.  How weird is it for them to imagine what it is really like to go to school in the United States?  Sílvia and Antônio pick up on some of the big items:  changing classrooms, metal detectors, individual lockers, and lunchrooms.  You have got to admit, their observations make for an interesting Conversa Brasielira.

February 17, 2011

School 1: School: I have my very own locker!

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Put yourself in the situation of a high school study abroad student. First of all, chances are that this is your first experience living abroad. And everything is new: teachers, homework, computers, lunchrooms, clothes, and schedules. Wow, what a transition! In this dialog Andréia is about to pick up her niece, Kauane, who is currently in the U.S., attending an American high school. Life has been different for her, and it makes for a cool Conversa Brasileira.

February 1, 2011

Park 2: Moms in the Park 2: They are getting along really well

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Even when little kids don’t know each other well, they seem to do just fine playing at the playscape in the park. As Isabela observes, Estão se dando super bem “They are getting along really well.” Now it is true that sometimes they fall and need stitches and other times they catch colds from others around them, but today’s a nice day, the kids are having fun, and the beautiful weather gives the moms a perfect excuse to sit on the park bench and have a nice Conversa Brasileira.

January 18, 2011

Park 1: Moms in the Park 1: Don’t cry. You’re OK!

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We’ve all seen this scene hundreds of times. Moms take their children to play in the park. While doing so, the moms sit and chat on the park bench. With one eye on the children and the other on their friends, moms swap stories, examples, and keep each other up on the latest of what’s going on. Today we find out that Gabriel wants to be Spider-Man and Dandara has been going to the corner store to buy chocolate on credit, a delightful Conversa Brasileira.

November 17, 2010

Grandparents 2: Well grandma, there is an easier way to do it.

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Ruth’s recipe has to be in one of the cookbooks somewhere, right? Well, maybe so, but wouldn’t it just be easier to search for it online? At least that’s what Débora thinks. And, chances are that most any teenager will find things faster online than their grandma possibly could in the book anyway. Bingo, Débora found the recipe on line and grandma knows how to make it. A perfect combination, and not a bad Conversa Brasileira either.

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