Anti-Cynaco; Anti-PR

The ending line of All Over Creation is “Thanks to all who save and plant.  May your gardens grow” (420).  I believe that All Over Creation shows the many different facets of environmentalists’ rhetoric without taking a strong side one way or the other.  I also think Ozeki does a great job of showing how us the different stakeholders and different commonplaces of the people who are arguing in environmentalist debates.  Everyone involved in the story comes from a completely different place and holds completely different ideals, yet the thing they have in common is the drive to do what is best for mankind, all except the big company Cynaco and the PR firm Elliot works for.  That, I think, is where the position Ozeki is taking is, in fact, strong.  I believe Ozeki is showing that all people, no matter how different, are working towards the same goal of life; however, the people whose only goal is money is where the problem lies.  The people who are involved in the Cynaco company get to play no part in this story except for through the explanations from the Seeds of Resistance, and the very unlikeable character of Elliot and his hypocritical boss Duncan are the characters we get to associate with the PR firm.  I don’t think Ozeki wants to show that one way of approaching the issue of GMOs and the like is better than the other, but I would argue that she does want to show that there is a disconnect between the big companies that produce these products (and do public relations for them) and the people who consume these products.

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