I need to get off my lazy ass

As I begin writing the first pages of my the paper I’m having a few concerns. Not that I’m worried, I always have distracting thoughts and second guesses, but still. It might help to write them out.

One of the major problems I’ve had throughout my entire academic career is my writing style. Well I wouldn’t say problem, but it’s been brought up to me numerous times. My style when writing, whether it’s a short story, an opinion piece or a research paper, is very casual. It’s not a conscious effort. It’s just the way I write. It’s been this way since highschool, some professors have liked it, some haven’t. But that’s just the way things go and while I’ve written research papers before I’m not sure about this one. I dunno, this paper feels… more academic? Academic-y? Maybe because it’s the senior seminar I feel that it should be more professional. Anyways, I’m worried that my paper will be too casual.

Another problem I’m having is finding sources that deal with my subject directly. There’s plenty of stuff about Science Fiction and a plethora of material about Environmentalism but I have yet to find a paper or source that deals with the interaction between those two subjects directly. At this point I’d use anything, even a paper that directly contradicts my argument about Science Fiction and Environmentalism going hand-in-hand. Either no one has written at all about this or (more likely) I’m just not good at finding this stuff. Regardless, a source that deals with the relationship between Science Fiction and Environmentalism would be a godsend at this point.

At this point however, I’m pretty happy with the rough drafts. They seem like a decent start for the paper. The biggest obstacle to my progress (as usual) is myself. But overall I’m feeling pretty confident about this paper.

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