Thanks Bib Essay!

I feel as if my biggest enemy in any research project is time.  I find myself thinking that if only I had endless time and energy to look at every potentially applicable article/book/etc. pertaining to my topic, only then will I write a truly successful paper.  I felt the biggest challenge in writing my Bibliographic Essay was to finally make myself stop looking and start analyzing the things I had already found.  When the plethora that is a database search is delved into, I find it extremely hard to stop.  I keep thinking to myself that the perfect piece to my puzzle is still out there.  Despite my addiction, I did find a way to stop and I did find lots of interesting and helpful sources for my paper.

One thing I caught myself from doing by writing the bibliographic essay is manipulating sources to fit my need for them.  I was able to realize that I have a tendency to sometimes unfairly represent sources in order to use blurbs from them to support my argument; however, I feel as if this is another product of my lack of time.  Regardless, I was thankful for the opportunity the added step of writing a bibliographic essay provided me.  Due to an inability to procrastinate the research process, I was able to indulge in more database searching than I usually am able to do before writing a paper, and I was also able to recognize and correct a bad habit.

Although it was hard to sit down and do without wanting to just go ahead and write the whole dang paper, I think writing a bibliographic essay is a necessary step I wish I had been taking in all my previous writing projects.

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