Keep On Keeping On

Similar to other classmates, the biggest challenge I’m facing in the writing process is balancing the time needed to engage fully with my research question and the actual time available to do just that.  The bibliographic essay was beneficial in this regard in that I was able to get a nice jumpstart to my research and confirm the availability of evidence to support my claims and reasoning.  The essay also exposed some not so great sources early enough to locate suitable replacements.

Our assigned readings from Craft of Research have given legitimate guidance in organizing thoughts as well as prepping a plan to tackle this paper.  It’s also a nice feeling to read that I am supposed to be feeling anxiety about this paper and that many experienced writers feel the same.  It’s been daunting to keep that crippling sense of being overwhelmed at bay.

One challenge I’m finding is that I’ve been unable to turn-up counter arguments to my claim on B. Kingsolver’s work specific to Prodigal Summer, my chosen work of art.  It seems an important part of a paper according to Craft of Research to acknowledge opinions and claims counter to those I support and I wonder how this might affect my argument.  Outside of Heise’s critique on a prior Kingsolver work for a lack of transnational application, I seem to only be finding support for my claims (which seems like a really good problem to have).  Fortunately, there is still time to locate something acceptable in this regard.

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