The Bibliographic Essay Experience

I want to talk a little about my experience with the bibliographic essay. Until this last assignment I had never written a bibliographic essay. Because of this starting the assignment was like exploring a new world. I sat down ready to begin. Books, articles, and notes stacked in various piles all around me I began to type out my first draft. I felt so prepared. When I got through I realized I wasn’t. I’m not sure about anyone else’s experiences with writing this essay, but I definitely felt like it was an entirely different experience than that of writing any other variety of essays. I felt like I was placed in a quasi-interactive state with all of the sources I trudged through. I was allowed to engage and talk about the argument of the source, talk about how it relates to the novel, and then not engage back into my topic novel. I feel like this somehow a component of writing an essay that is about how your sources are related instead of using sources to progress your argument (?). I’m not entirely sure, but it was undoubtedly provided a different way of looking at sources, and using research.

Another component of the essay I found interesting was how my sources were more interrelated than I had first assumed. Obviously all the sources will have a broad-spectrum commonality that makes them applicable to the paper as a whole however, several of my sources seemed to share more than this passing commonality. I hope to take advantage of these stronger commonalities to improve the flow between topics in my final paper. This is an aspect of my paper that I feel would not have existed had I not done the bibliographic essay assignment.

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