The Pain of a Poor Proposal

An inundation with overwhelming amounts of information was not my problem when carving out the bibliographic essay; it was rather, trying to find enough information on my desired topic. I attribute this to poor consideration when it came to choosing my research topic. Instead of delving into a subject rich with information I chose to go with something a little more near and dear to my heart, this is not always the best answer when a 3000 word essay and a majority of a final grade are on the line. The fact of the matter is that I am stumped, I do not know where to go, it’s 1:30 A.M. and I’m beating myself over the head with a book in the hopes that some form of forced osmosis will help me gain some new insight into my topic.

Is this normal? I’m going to have to say no. I can usually write, hell I can usually write well, but the thought of this paper makes me nauseous and my heart palpitate. Then again maybe I can attribute all this to the time of year, just remember, it will all be over soon enough and I’ll get to look back on these days as the best of my life; or something like that…

Give me my cap and gown and put me on flight UA58 from Houston to Amsterdam.

Real talk though, when considering a research proposal stick with something feasible. I decided to go with something near and dear to my heart, and now I’m lying in the ruins of my broken dreams. Music has its place and it’s in the park, or the bar, or in your Jeep with the top down, not academia.

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