WHAT:     5 posts total. 3 original entries (250-300 words) and 2 comments on other posts (100-200 wds)

WHEN:     Original posts due by 9pm the night before the day listed. Comments due by 7am on the day  listed.

TH 2/9, TH 3/22 (Group A writes original posts. Group B comments)                                   TH 2/23, TH 3/29 (Group B writes original posts. Group A comments)                                  T 4/17 (Everyone writes on project progress)

WHO:     Group A = Brianne, Danielle, Elbert, Jessica, Sarah, Stephen
Group B = Aaron, Chris, Carrie, Garrett, Katie, Lauren, Michael

YOU own this site. You’re writing for each other as well as for me and anyone who stumbles onto it. Let your personality, interests, and creativity come through. Put real thought into the posts, and respect others in your comments. Write in complete sentences using correct grammar and syntax. They aren’t simply opinion pieces such as, “I loved The Unforeseen!” They should communicate a pressing idea or question. As much as possible, I’ll pull out threads and use them to motivate discussion.

Original posts must focus on the next day’s reading, and open up debate. There are several approaches you can take.

*       Raise a question about the reading and briefly answer it.

*       Build on a conversation we’ve already had in class, and maybe even rebut positions you/we have taken.

*       Closely analyze a passage, plot point, or formal element that puzzles, jars, or interests you.

*       Link to something from outside of class (e.g. newspaper or blog article, quote from another text, YouTube video, image, song, etc.), and discuss how it brings out something in the day’s reading.

*       Try out ideas for your papers.

In all cases, refer to passages from the text as much as possible. Give your post a title and assign it a relevant Category.

Comments should answer the original author’s questions, respectfully disagree or rethink his/her position, or relate his/her thoughts to other texts or material from outside of class.

Send me links to interesting blogs or other sites that you think we should follow, and I’ll add them to our Blogroll.

Evaluation Criteria

Your contributions to the blog are worth 50 points (10 points each) toward your final grade. NB: I won’t provide written comments on each post. However, if you have questions about your work on the blog, please talk to me. I will evaluate them using the following scale:

10 Excellent. The post is focused and integrates examples from the reading or from outside of class. It analyzes and does not just summarize. The entry or comment reflects in-depth engagement with the text, and considers its implications for course content.

8 Good. The post is reasonably focused, and analysis is mostly based on textual examples or outside material. Fewer connections are made between ideas, and new insights are not fully developed. The post is significantly over or under the word limit.

6 Underdeveloped. The post is mostly description or summary, without making connections between the reading and the broader concerns of the course. The post reflects minimal engagement with the text or course content. It is significantly over or under the word limit.

0 No Credit. The blog post is missing, very late, or incomplete.



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