DNA (saliva sample)

Q. Will you tell anyone about my DNA?

A. No. Information about your genetic make-up is completely private and confidential. We will not share any information about your genes with anyone.

Q. Does providing a DNA sample involve needles or drawing blood?

A. There are no needles or blood involved, we only ask for a little sample of saliva.

Q. What genes will you be looking at?

A. We will be looking at the following five genes: GABRA2, SLC6A4, DRD4, OPRM1, CHRM2. For more detailed information about these genes by click here.

Q. Can I find out what my genetic profile is?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to provide this information due to reasons of confidentiality.

Q. Am I required to submit a DNA sample in order to participate?

A. While we’d sure appreciate receiving your saliva sample, under no circumstances is it required of you. Participation in any part of the study is completely voluntary.

Salivary (DNA) collection kit/Submitting my saliva sample

Q. I lost my instructions for providing the saliva sample, what do I do?

A. Please contact us (512-402-2035 or via email at utgenes@utexas.edu) and we’ll email them to you.

Q. How do I mail my saliva sample?

A. You simply return it with the prepaid postage and packaging provided.

Q. Does my saliva sample require refrigeration?

A. Although it wouldn’t hurt, this is not necessary.

Q. What address do I mail my saliva sample to?

A. Saliva samples should be mailed to: 108 E. Dean Keeton Stop A 8000 Austin TX 78712

Q. I’m having trouble producing saliva, any helpful techniques?

A. Some simple tricks to facilitate saliva production include massaging your jaw and cheeks and thinking about your favorite foods. Also, relaxation – providing saliva can sometimes be difficult if you’re feeling stressed or under pressure.

Q. I lost my saliva kit; can I get a new one?

A. Yes, simply contact us at 512-402-2035 or via email at utgenes@utexas.edu.


Q. I can’t access the survey, what do I do?

A.  Please contact us at 512-402-2035 or via email at utgenes@utexas.edu.

Q. Can I save my answers and return to finish later?

A.  Yes, simply follow the instructions on the survey to save your progress. We highly suggest that you write down your password.

Q. How long will it take to complete the survey?

A. Completion time varies from person to person but generally falls somewhere between 15-30 minutes.

Q. I lost my survey password, is there a way to retrieve it?

A. Yes, please contact Peter Piliare at 512-402-2035 or via email at utgenes@utexas.edu.


Q. Where’s my payment?

A. For questions about payment please contact Peter Piliare at 512-402-2035 or via email at utgenes@utexas.edu .

Q. Do I get paid a bonus amount if I complete both the online survey and submit a DNA sample?

A. Yes, you will recieve a $10 bonus on top of your survey and DNA payment.

Directions to the simulated bar laboratory

Q. Where is the simulated bar lab?

A. We’re located in the Seay Building on the NW corner of Speedway and Dean Keaton. For genotyping and payments, please go to Rm. 3.320. For laboratory sessions, please go to Rm. 2.302

Q. Where do I park when I come for the bar lab study?

A. If you’re lucky you may be able to find a metered parking space on the street, but please observe the parking restrictions in order to avoid getting ticketed. You can also park in one of the two parking garages (PG4 and PG6) located within easy walking distance of our building.

Q. I’m going to be moving soon, can I still participate in the study?

A. Yes! Most of your activities can be done through the mail or on-line. If you are invited to attend a laboratory session, we will help compensate your travel expenses (up to $230). Also, at any time you can click on the Get Involved link to update your contact information.

Q. What have you discovered through the study?

A. You can follow this link to read about our study findings.

Q. Can I find out the results of your research?

A. Although it may be over a couple of years time before we are able to provide results for the Genes and New Experiences Study, we would be happy to share our findings. In the mean time, please see some of the results we found from your previous participation in the UT Experience! study.

Consent form

Q. I lost my consent form, can I get another one?

A. Yes, you can click here to view/print our consent form.

Q. Can I retain a copy of the consent form?

A. Yes, we will be mailing you two identical consent forms with your saliva kit; one for you to sign and return to us along with your saliva sample, and one for you to keep for your own records. In addition, you can also print out a copy of our consent form by clicking here.

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Please contact us at 512-402-2035 or via email at utgenes@utexas.edu .