Findings from the UTE!

Of 6,391 eligible, first-time UT students (between 17-19 years), 4,832 consented to participate in the “UT Experience!” study. Most of you completed annual or semi-annual surveys, others completed 1 or 2 surveys, and some of you came to our laboratory for additional studies. Here are some findings from the UTE that you helped us discover!  References are provided for those of you interested in reading more.


Students are more likely to engage in several risky behaviors (e.g., unsafe sex and aggression) when they have been drinking. They are also more likely to engage in these and other risky behaviors, like drug use, when they feel more intoxicated than usual, despite how much they have consumed. Fromme, K., & Quinn, P.D. (2012). In H.R. White & D. Rabiner (Eds.), Substance Use in College Students. New York: Guilford Press.