Genes and New Experiences Study (GENES)

Our new study involves four parts: (1) use of your previous UTE longitudinal survey data (which is currently stored on a secure server), (2) providing a small sample of saliva for genetic testing, (3) completing a short on-line survey, and (4) possibly being invited to complete an alcohol administration study in our simulated bar lab. We are recruiting 1,060 former UTE participants, of which 464 would also be invited for the laboratory session. You do not have to live in the Austin area to participate.

You will have the opportunity to consent to providing a salivary sample for genetic testing on 5 candidate genes, linking these data to archival survey data from the UTE, and completing a brief on line survey. If you are interested in participating, please provide your current contact information, including your U.S. postal mailing address (for purposes of mailing the consent form, salivary collection kit, and your payment) by going to Get Involved.

We would mail you a consent form and a salivary self-collection kit. You would use the kit to provide a small amount of saliva in a vial and either mail us the sample and signed consent form or bring them to our laboratory on the UT campus.

You will later be given the opportunity to consent to completing an online survey about your current demographics (e.g., employment; marital status), drinking patterns, beliefs, and other potentially risky behaviors (e.g. drug use; sexual behavior). The survey takes 15-30 minutes to complete.  (You may also decide to provide the salivary sample without completing the survey.)

Individuals who provide a salivary sample will be paid $35, those who complete the survey will be compensated $20, and those who do both will receive a bonus of $10, for a total possible payment of $65.

If you provide a salivary sample, and are possibly interested in also participating in the alcohol administration portion of this study, you would be contacted to complete a brief screening (to rule out anyone who might be at risk for consuming alcohol). If qualified, you would then complete a late-afternoon session (in our simulated bar lab) where you may or may not be given alcohol. You would have the opportunity to provide written consent for the lab session and would receive $25 to $60 payment (depending on whether or not you receive alcohol) and $60 to $230 travel compensation (depending on the distance you live from our laboratory).


Go to Get Involved to register your contact information.


If you have further questions about this study, or prefer that we make no further attempts to contact you about this study, you may call 512-402-2035 or e-mail