HDO: The Future of Leadership

The Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations (HDO) at The University of Texas at Austin offers a new type of executive education for working professionals: one focused on understanding the people inside and outside organizations who drive performance in today’s diverse global marketplace. HDO is organized exclusively for professionals in a variety of sectors, including those in business and nonprofit management. Our unique curriculum, designed especially for working students, is a confluence of scholarly study and real-world application.

HDO emphasizes the practical value of the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences for solving real-world problems. Our courses provide depth in an area of study as well as practical exercises to improve the way you do business.

HDO offers two types of innovative educational opportunities. Our customized Professional Seminars are aimed at improving individual and group understanding of specific issues affecting the modern workplace: global enterprise, culture, marketing psychology, leadership skills, communication effectiveness, and more.

This fall, we will begin our Master of Arts degree program, which will provide students with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the human side of the increasingly complex global economy. You may apply at any time; admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. The application deadline for the class entering in the Fall of 2013 is April 15, 2013.

HDO’s mission is to help professionals:

  • Identify and manage organizational change.
  • Analyze how businesses are influenced by tradition, history, psychology, language, new media, and more.
  • Bridge their creative and professional lives and foster creativity in those around them.
  • Build strong organizations by providing leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the global workplace.
  • Open doors of opportunity for personal and professional growth and leadership.
  • Generate real-world skills that will improve the structure and function of organizations.

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