For those unable to commute to Austin, HDO has developed a distance-learning program for its master’s degree students. Through live videoconferencing, all distance-learners will attend classes in real time. Through the use of synchronous online learning technologies, all distance-learners will appear live on screen for the duration of class. No more than 25 percent of each incoming class will be admitted as distance learners. All students must be in residence for the intensive weeks on campus.

The live interactions we anticipate among in-class students, videoconferencing students (displayed on screen), and instructor will mirror in many ways a traditional classroom; professors can still institute a variety of in-class learning methods, such as live discussions, group work, lectures, and the like. Through its ground-breaking curriculum and innovative approach to distance learning, HDO aims to further UT Austin’s educational mission of fostering scholarly creativity and serving citizens through innovative programmatic offerings.

Distance learners are required to successfully complete the same requirements as in-residence students. Because distance learners will be provided with all software and technology to join classes online, there is a $1,000 surcharge for HDO’s online option.

Because Distance Learners may join HDO courses from anywhere, this option is ideal for those looking for international networking opportunities.