Unit 2: Progressives and Moderns (and some Traditionalists)


FOR THE QUIZ:  Read  Outline; Johnson, part 5 (pp. 614-622) and part 6;  Zinn, chapters 13 and 14.  Read  Outline first, then Zinn 13 as he deals with Progressive era.  Johnson concentrates more on Wilson and looks at the enhanced role of the government. You will find interesting discussions of the Federal Reserve System and Yale’s Skull and Bones Club, but the quiz will not focus on those sections.

The Unit 2 reading guide is here:   2.0 Guide 16

Quizzes:  Individual and Team

Lecture:   Progress, War, and the Future of America

If you want to check what you know about national reform during the Progressive Era, here’s a quiz.

Part 2.1: The Progressives

Part 2.2:  Immigration and Perfection

Part 2.3:  The New Generation


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