2.3: Kids These Days

Guiding question:  Many people thought that youth had taken a sorry turn in the 1920s.  What were young people doing that caused so many in the media, in homes, in churches, in schools, and elsewhere to remark on their behavior?  And, perhaps more importantly, what explanations were given for the behavior of the new generation?  Do you accept these explanations as fully valid? Or, from our perspective in the 21st century, are there other explanations to be added?

Before class:

Each of these magazine articles has something to say about youth culture in the 1920s. EACH person will read at least two articles and view one of the short pieces (headlines, comic strips, etc.)  There may be some overlap.

ASSIGNMENT: READ your assignments in search of two types of information  1.  Descriptions of youth behavior and clothing, by gender.  2.  Causes of the behavior.

BRING your marked up document to class (name and team number on it, too).

Write your name and team number on a paper and divide your work into two columns:  1.  Behavior/ gender  2.  Cause of behavior noted in the document.


1. How does the clothing you wear, music you listen to, car you drive, food you eat or some other aspect of your life as it is now reflect the culture in which you live?

2. Offer an explanation using the concepts of proximate and ultimate cause.


Modern Youth This document has excerpts from a wide variety of sources.  Be clear about the individual assignments.

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