Unit 3: Depression and War (The Wolf at the Door)



QUIZ:   Read: OUTLINE. Johnson, chapter 7 (to p. 790); Zinn, chapters 15 (pp. 386-end), and 16 (to p. 426)

The reading guide is here:   3.0.Guide 16

NOTE:  If you find references to TAY or The American Yawp, please simply subsitute the appropriate pages in OUTLINE using the table of contents.  Feel free to use either source as your basic text.

This period of time–the Great Depression, the New Deal, and WWII–is probably quite familiar to you.  As you read for the Quiz, be alert to these big questions:

Depression + New Deal:  What caused the Depression?  What were the symptoms?

How did FDR’s response differ from Hoover’s?  Why?   What were FDR’s goals during the New Deal?  What are the major pieces of New Deal legislation–and what was their purpose?    Consider the New Deal in sections:  Immediately after FDR took office.  The major aspects of his first term.  How the New Deal changed in FDR’s second term… and why?

U.S. + world:   The U.S. continued to be wary of involvement with other nation’s (as it had been in the 1920s), and in the period  1935-’37, passed a series of neutrality acts.  What was  happening in the rest of the world (especially Europe and Japan) at this time?  How is it that the U.S. was ready for war–despite claims to neutrality–by the end of 1940? What major steps moved the U.S. in that direction?

WWII.  What were the U.S.’s war aims?  What were the main battles or turning points?  To what extent was the U.S. successful in meeting them?    Domestic:  Be alert  to conditions within the U.S. during WWII, e.g. women, military industry, African-American gains.


Lecture: Big Changes and New Roles

Part 3.1: Packing the Court

Part 3.2:   U.S. Neutrality

Part 3.3:  Truman and the Atomic Bomb

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