5.1: Nixon: Crook or Hero?

For today’s project, you’ll need Zinn, Johnson, and the appropriate sections from TAY or  U.S. History Outline.  Read and mark their assessments of Richard Milhous Nixon to answer the question “What should we tell the next generation about Nixon’s presidency?”

We’re at the stage in the course where you get to figure out page numbers on your own  (not meant in a snippy way, though!)  There is no more than a paragraph or two about Nixon in the texts.  Zinn has much to say about Watergate in particular; and Johnson concentrates on foreign policy, although he doesn’t completely ignore giving his take on Watergate too.  Check the index and you’ll easily locate likely passages.

BRING YOUR BOOKS –OR COPY THE RELEVANT PAGES –TO CLASS.   As always, you’ll be asked to use evidence from the Z and J texts to support your product–so be sure to identify key passages before class.


1.  What is your personal judgment about Nixon and his legacy?

2.  After class: Did your team’s discussion about Nixon alter your views?  In what way or why not?

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