5.3: The Bigger Picture

 It’s time to look at the big picture.

PRINT and BRING to class a list of what you believe to be the FOUR most important changes the United States has undergone since the Civil War.    The list of themes and sub-themes posted on “Resources” (see the tab on this website) may be helpful in assembling your list.   Note that the assignment calls for changes–not specific events (although an event might precipitate a change).

Number the entries.
For each write a short paragraph explaining your choice and indicating something about a time frame.  [The limit is 500 words for the total paper that you will submit.]

An example:

  1.  Environmental awareness.  By the 1970s, Americans had become interested in the ideas of conservation, as evidenced by the reception of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the national  reaction to  the oil crises (Nixon and Carter years) and OPEC.  This is perhaps the first time Americans began to confront the idea that our natural resources were not infinite. No previous generation had to consider the destruction of the plant (with DDT) or dependence on small Middle Eastern nations for our energy.


We will use your lists to begin to construct a “big picture”/ review of what we’ve studied this term, a picture that will help you prepare for the final.

This paper ( a regular-sized typing sheet) will be turned in at the end of class.  Please make sure that all printer and any other technical problems that may arise in this final assignment are solved before coming to class.  You will be able to use this paper (and any notes you add to it during class) on the final exam ONLY if you have it in hand when class begins that day.


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