Students: Which classes are using it

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The Echo360 lecture capture system is currently available in 5 classrooms on campus. They are Jester A121A, Mezes 1.306, FAC 21, Pharmacy 2.108 and Pharmacy 2.110. The use of this system is completely the choice of the professors that teach in these rooms. No professors are required to use the system and they can decline to use it for any reason.

Here is the list of classes using the system during the 2013 Summer semester:

FAC 21  Jester A121A
UGS 303 (Richmond-Garza, MW 1-2p)
CC 301 / CTI 310 (Rabinowitz, MWF 10-11a)
EM 306 (Ravi-Chandar, MWF 2-3p)
ECO 329 (Bencivenga, TTH 3:30-5p)
INF 322T (Lukenbill, M 6-9p)
CC 302 / CTI 310 (Ebbeler, TTH 1230 – 2p)
CC 304C (Nethercut, MWF 11a-12p)
GOV 312P (Buchanan, TTH 930a-11a)
PHR 2.110 PHR 2.108
PHR 142P (Croyle, M 2-3p)
PGS 382S / PHR 252C (Cui, W 9-11a)
PHR 343C (Morrisett, MWF 11a-12p)
PHR 242D (Temple, TTH 11a-12p)
PHR 341C (Whitman, TTH 930a-11a)
M 408K (Morales, MWF 1-2p)
PHR 342C (Croyle, M 9-11a, F 9-10a)
PHR 161H (McIntyre, F 12-1p)
PHR 262D (Acosta, TTH 10-11a)
PHR 364D (Lawson, TTH 10a-1230p)
PHR 392S (Karboski, W 8-10a)
PHR 266P (Ginsburg, W 10-11a)
PHR 163C (Young, W 11a-12p)
PHR 665E (Davis, MF 9a-12p)
PHR 292G (Pope, TH 2-3p)

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