Beware the Fish and Chips!

I knew I expected adventures when I signed up for this study abroad trip but I did NOT expect to end up in the emergency room overnight! Who would have known the English classic dish “fish and chips” could cause such a medical emergency! Though the emergency room was an unexpected event it strangely tied back into our study of sport and English culture. It was surprising to see so many athletes, along with other ill patients, in the emergency room. The room could have been clearly divided between sports related injuries and everyone else. I couldn’t also help but be caught up in the athletes medical injuries, mainly because of my own personal interest in sports medicine. If I had not been so drowsy due to all the medication given to me, I would have loved to strike up a conversation with one of them!

Apart from my emergency room incident I can honestly say I am learning to “Love Leeds More” (A quote captioned by the city).  When I first arrived in Leeds I was honestly confused how a countryside town could possibly be the same “poppin” college town Professor Carrington constantly was telling us about in our pre-departure meetings. But as we ventured further and further into town, without a doubt I began to finally realize what he was referring to. I began to feel like I had arrived at the UT of England, mainly because of the bus systems and constant runners. Though from my first “pub” adventure, it was clear that there was not only a large younger group in Leeds, but it was a city that loved its sports. Attending the pub during the Barcelona and Manchester United game showed how country loyalty, especially supporting your own country through sports, is serious business! I could not help but also dive into the sporting midst and become a football fan myself.

I see myself everyday slowly opening up to the English culture. Now I’m excited for more adventures (hopefully away from the hospital) in the future!


Lola :)

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