Headingley Carnegie Cricket Field

Until the beginning of the 18th century, cricket was played, for the most part, only by boys and by the lower classes (1). Cricket is still a male-dominated sport played across the world today. As a matter of fact, Professor Carrington taught some of my classmates and I the basics of cricket before attending the first cricket league game last weekend.

Playing Cricket w/ Professor Carrington














In addition, cricket can be closely related to American baseball in several ways because of the terminology used to describe the game. Cricket has two batsmen, ten outfielders, one bowler (someone similar to a pitcher), and a wicker (i.e. the catcher behind the plate in baseball).





WOW! What an experience! Hopefully those words explained my excitement about this “new” sport, especially when playing earlier with my classmates.  Also, it was interesting to see that baseball may have originated from the game of cricket. Cricket began in the early part of the 18th century, as I stated earlier, while baseball came from the English game called “rounders,” which ties it strongly back to cricket (2).

Even though I’m not the biggest baseball fan and just experienced cricket, I still enjoyed myself. As for the crowd behavior during the game, it was a bit challenging and obnoxious. Men cheered on women as they walked up and down the stands, which would have caused a disturbance here in America. Let’s just say that even though we speak the same English language that does not mean our cultures and norms are similar. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and I loved every minute of it. Look out for my next blog about rugby that should be fun. I am so pumped!


(1) Ford, John. Cricket: A Social History. Great Britain: David & Charles Limited,

1972. Print.



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  1. Bharadwaj Muralidharan says:

    The analogous of catcher in baseball is wicket-keeper in cricket and not wicker.

  2. Rehan says:

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