London and the Beginning to the End

London is an exciting, thriving, and modernized city that continues to be the center location for many tourists in England. With this in mind the Lord’s Cricket Ground is an exceptional way to justify London’s growth and social statuses of its people. First of all, of the cricket grounds in the British Isles used today for first-class cricket, Lord’s ground is the oldest (Arnold and Wynn-Thomas, 1997; p.170). Lord’s Cricket Ground is located in St. John’s Wood in the city of Westminster, London. As discussed in the lecture, St. John’s Wood is an extremely affluent area of Westminster. The Lord’s cricket ground is used by the Marylone Cricket Club and for set piece matches as had traditionally been staged there.

Since Lord’s Cricket Ground holds many strings of history and economic capital, the matches that are played there are usually for county cricket clubs, private schools, or international games such as- Eton v. Harrow, Oxford v. Cambridge, Gentlemen v. Players and North v. South. I was grateful for the trip we took to London. It was a great way to end the program.

However, this cannot be the end but the beginning of something new. The lessons I learned about sports and English society will forever be a part of my life. This experience did allow me to understand the UT motto  “what starts here changes the world” because if I didn’t study abroad, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see or immerse myself in another’s culture.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my blogs. I really appreciate it.

Old Trafford, Manchester United

Arnold, P. and Wynee-Thomas, P. (1997) The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cricket. London, Hodder & Stoughton.



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