Professional Development Challenges

Becoming an Open Foreign Language Educator is a journey; it takes more than a symposium. To get you started on your journey, we have created several professional challenges for you to undertake this fall in your own classroom. And the best part is that you can earn badges to document your growing expertise in Open Education. Just follow the directions below:

Badge #1: The Power of Openness – Attendee

Get started earning badges! Set up your Mozilla Open Badges Backpack so you can display your badges. And then share your reactions to this symposium and begin your journey as an Open Foreign Language Educator.

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Badge #2: The Power of Openness – Collaborator

Teach with an OER and share your experience with others.

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Badge #3: Voices for Openness

What did you learn from your experience? Tell your OER story to benefit others interested in Open Education. Add your story to the Voices for Openness in Language Learning website by going to the “Add Your Voice” page and following the directions.

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