Step 1: Get Started with Open Badges

First, read through the Educause publication 7 things you should know about badges.

Second, sign up for a Mozilla Open Badge Backpack account.

Third, visit the Mozilla Open Badges website and click “Get Started” button to take the Badges 101 quiz. After you complete the quiz, you will have the option of receiving a Mozilla badge. Accept the badge and check out how it is displayed in your new Open Badge Backpack. Any open badges you earn will be displayed here.

(Deadline: August 31, 2012)

Step 2: Reflect on the Symposium

Now that you have attended the Power of Openness Symposium (in person or online through the live stream), it is time for some reflection. What big ideas discussed at the symposium had the most impact on you? Which OERs did you find compelling? Did you learn something that you will be able to apply to your own practices? And finally–bottom line–Are you excited about Open Education or still skeptical about its potential?  Post your reactions to the Symposium below.

Once you have posted your responses below, the COERLL staff will award you a badge and send you a link to claim it. Your badge will be awarded to the email you use when posting your reply, so make sure you are using the same email associated with your Open Badge Backpack.

(Deadline August 31, 2012)