Step 1: Introduce Yourself to the Group

Tell us in a few sentences about who you are as a teacher. What language do you teach? What level and type of institution? What do you like most/least about teaching language? Post your introduction below for the group to read (2-3 sentences).

(Deadline September 14, 2012)

Step 2: Curriculum Assessment

Now that you are a couple of weeks into the new school year, you have probably become aware of parts of your course(s) that need to  be improved.  For this challenge, assess your curriculum carefully and determine where the weaknesses lie.  Do your students need more form-focused activities?  Do you need to jazz up the readings?  Does your course suffer from a lack of authentic language input? Post your curriculum assessment below for the group to read (1-2 paragraphs).

(Deadline September 28, 2012)

Step 3: Search for an OER

After having identified your course’s weaknesses, it is your job to find an OER that will  improve things.   This will require you to conduct a thorough search to find the right OER.  Don’t forget to use CC Search tools and OER archives to help you find what you are looking for. Post your search process below for the group to read (1-2 paragraphs).

(Deadline October 12, 2012)

Step 4: Classroom Implementation

You have found a promising OER thanks to your search. Now it is time for you to determine how to integrate the OER into your existing practices. What changes will you need to make? Once you have thought this through, implement the OER as part of a few lessons. Explain to the group how you chose to integrate the OER into your curriculum (1-2 paragraphs).

(Deadline November 2, 2012)

Step 5: Evaluate Results

How did it go? Was the OER a success? Did it change the classroom dynamic? Did it deliver the results you were expecting? Did you and your students enjoy the experience? Evaluate the results. Post your evaluation below for the group to read (1-2 paragraphs)

Once you have completed this final step by posting below, a COERLL staff member will send you a link to claim your Power of Openness Collaborator badge. You are on your way to becoming an Open Educator!

(Deadline November 30, 2012)