Step 1: Introduce Yourself to the Group

Tell us in a few sentences about who you are as a teacher. What language do you teach? What level and type of institution? What do you like most/least about teaching language? Post your introduction below for the group to read (2-3 sentences).

(Deadline September 14, 2012)

5 thoughts on “Step 1: Introduce Yourself to the Group

  1. My name is Georges Detiveaux, and I teach beginning & intermediate French at a community college (first two years of college) called Lone Star College-CyFair, where have about 20,000 students… located outside of Houston. What I like most about teaching is using technology and trying new things to make each semester fresh, new, and fun, and I also like connecting with other like-minded language teachers and technologists.

  2. I started teaching Spanish in 1984 when technology was an overhead projector and you knew a teacher had worked hard all day when she went home with a blue arm 🙂 Now, I teach with an Ipad, a class set of netbooks and an open mind to any and everything out there. I teach Spanish levels 3 and 4 in a high school in western Arkansas and I help train teachers to use technology more effectively. I love my job.

  3. I teach Spanish at Georgetown High School, just north of Austin, Texas. I love being a teacher because I can reinvent myself every few years and keep what I do fresh and interesting to me, which makes it more fresh and interesting for the students. Learning how to better integrate technology is my new adventure!

  4. My name is Martí Quixal. I am an Educational Technologist. My main interest is to collaborate with teachers in K-12 so that together we can establish meaningful technology integration practices. I try to work on the design and the implementation of technology-enhanced instruction methods before technology is that mature (or that further developed) so that it can be adapted to the user needs (teacher and learner). For this challenge I will be working with a few (2 to 4) teachers from the Barcelona area (in Europe).

  5. I teach English and German in a secondary school called Escola Sant Gervasi outside Barcelona, Spain. I have been teaching there for 16 years, and, since I started, every school year has been different. I like trying new things, methods and ideas. The introduction and use of technology has made a big difference in how you can present and expose students to language, so I think as professionals we have to “keep an eye” to what is going on out there!