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December 7, 2009

Episode 22: Truth and Consequences

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If things had not been so wildly hectic here at Radio Arlecchino of late, this exciting episode would have appeared quite a bit sooner! But here it is at last, full of bone-chilling encounters of the second and third kind! Hypothetically speaking, that is. If you don’t tell the truth, you have to face the consequences. And we spell it all out for you, in every poignant tense and mood required. And what if Antonella were suddenly to be whisked away to Rome again, leaving Eric to his own devices in front of the microphone? Would it be sad, or would a clever plan be hatched? What if you were to listen in…?

PODCAST LINK: Episode 22

July 21, 2009

Episode 21: Lost in the Woulds

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You can’t keep a good Dottore down! Not only has his Futurometer been refurbished and re-installed, our learned friend has now provided Radio Arlecchino with another amazing device: the Conditionator 9000. Of course you would love to know how it works, and we would like to tell you, but if we did, we would have to… Well, anyway, it does work, we think, but you needn’t take our word for it. Have your copy of the pdf with its transcript and notes handy and fire up your mp3 player of choice as you dare to get Lost in the Woulds

PODCAST LINK: Episode 21

January 30, 2009

Episode 20: If You Can’t Stand the Heat

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The good news is that the Futurometer is being painstakingly repaired and the studio refurbished for enhanced security by a crack team of experts. The bad news is that the studio is currently in a noisy mess and apparently not a very safe place right now. So our trusty podcasters are hoping to find a more congenial atmosphere for this episode backstage at the Teatro Pazzimpalco, where our friends from the Commedia are about to raise the curtain on another show. Now what on earth makes them think that things would be any quieter there? It’s time to contemplate that and many other perplexing hypotheses in this very special episode–IF we think we can handle it!

PODCAST LINK: Episode 20

October 15, 2008

Episode 19: Talking about the Future – Global Thermogrammatical War

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What happens here at the studio late at night, after the grammar gurus have gone home and all seems quiet and deserted? Yes, we thought so too, until we got a nocturnal distress call from the Futurometer. You’ll be happy to know that Global Thermogrammatical War has been narrowly avoided, no thanks to a group of clever but snoopy students who dared to match wits with Radio Arlecchino technology! Join us for an unflinching look into the Future–conjugated and speculated just for you–in Episode 19!

PODCAST LINK: Episode 19

June 3, 2008

Episode 18: Likes and Dislikes – The catch of the day

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The catch of the day in Episode 18 is Pulcinella, for Antonella has caught up with the Neapolitan superstar who disappeared shortly after the premiere of Arlecchino’s blockbuster. In her exclusive interview with Pulcinè, as she kiddingly calls him in the Roman way, we’ll hear several verbs that express likes and dislikes, plus several new ones that have other meanings but follow the famous Pleasure Sandwich recipe.

The Radio Arlecchino cast and crew will be in riposo estivo for the next couple of months, but future episodes will resume in the fall. Meanwhile, let’s listen ….

PODCAST LINK: Episode 18

May 18, 2008

Episode 17: Likes and Dislikes – Casting call and scream test

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There’s plenty to like about this episode and about Arlecchino’s new movie! In Episode 17, Casting call and scream test, we explore how to express likes and dislikes in the compound tenses, like the passato prossimo. And in a Spettacolo Stasera exclusive, Arlecchina recalls her harrowing experience when she answered Pantalone’s casting call for the film! Let’s listen …

PODCAST LINK: Episode 17

April 14, 2008

Episode 16: Likes and Dislikes – On the red carpet

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In Episode 16 of Radio Arlecchino, On the red carpet, we will learn about the verb piacere and how to express likes and dislikes. To an English speaker, the piacere construction is often confusing, for the subject in Italian is the person or thing that is pleasing, while the person who likes it is the indirect object!

Eric and Antonella are in Venice for the premiere of Arlecchino’s exciting new film. Will our friend turn out to be the next great wizard of the cinema? Let’s listen …

PODCAST LINK: Episode 16

December 18, 2007

Episode 15: The Holiday Special Continued

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Holiday magic has allowed us to resume the remote broadcast we began in Episode 14. You may remember that, in the beginning of our Radio Arlecchino Holiday Special, Eric had been invited to join our commedia friends as they celebrated the season backstage before opening a new show. As they shared reminiscences of holidays past, we reviewed the grammar points we’ve encountered so far.

So now we can continue to enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings, as we continue to review our grammar. Let’s listen in before something else happens!

PODCAST LINK: Episode 15

December 14, 2007

Episode 14: The Holiday Special

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In Episode 14, The Radio Arlecchino Holiday Special, Eric has been invited to join our commedia friends as they celebrate the season backstage before opening a new show. As they share reminiscences of holidays past – and really past – we’ll review the grammar points we’ve encountered so far: narrating in the past, expressing emotions and opinions, issuing commands, and using pronouns.

Of course the big question is: will Antonella make it back from Rome in time for the holidays? Only one way to find out … let’s listen!

PODCAST LINK: Episode 14

November 30, 2007

Episode 13: Pronouns – The joy of stress

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In Episode 13, The joy of stress, we will continue our discussion of double pronouns and how stress can affect the spelling and placement of object pronouns. We will also talk about when it is absolutely necessary to use a ‘stressed’ or tonic pronoun: to resolve ambiguity, to compare or contrast, to answer a question, or for emphasis.

In this episode, Dottor Ballanzone will call to share his snack of the gods. What a treat – let’s listen!

PODCAST LINK: Episode 13

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