We are a world-wide community of collaborators — forward-thinking students, educators, content developers, and technologists carrying the banner of Open Education in language learning. From first-time Yoruba language student to the editor of a world languages website, we are people who are excited about Open Educational Resources (OER). These web-based learning materials, which can be accessed freely by the public, are the building blocks of the Open Education movement. Read our stories and consider adding your own voice!

Wen-Hua Teng
Self-described low-tech educator develops a series of Chinese language learning websites.
Jon Perkins & Amy Rossomondo
Creating a bridge between the diverse Spanish-speaking regions around the world.
Georges Detiveaux
A French professor reinvents his community college classroom using OER.
Almeida Jacqueline Toribio & Barbara E. Bullock
Creating a linguistic landscape of Spanish speakers in the U.S., starting in Texas.
Fehintola Mosadomi
OER pioneer for less commonly taught languages.
Nicola Mabbott
How I benefited from and contributed to foreign language OER.
Anke Sanders
A call for more people to get involved in creating OER for language education.
Feefelobari (“Feefe”) Yorka
First-time Yoruba learner and OER user shares her experience.
Orlando Kelm
How publishing under an open license benefits everyone, including the content creator.
Carl Blyth
Open education proponent inspires others toward innovating and improving language education.
Laura Franklin
Setting a high standard for OER content quality.
Toni Theisen
Using foreign language OER in the high school curriculum.
Fernando Rosell-Aguilar
iTunes U as a distribution platform for open language resources.
Tita Beaven
Calling for open educational practices in scholarship projects.
Ana Beaven
How using open resources on TED.com activated her students' curiosity and creativity.
Todd Bryant
Creator of Mixxer helps over 100,000 language learners connect with native speakers.