Actividades de práctica con aprendices del español

This site, aimed at Spanish language learners, educators, and researchers, provides an online corpus of videos of second language and heritage language learners of Spanish during oral interviews covering a variety of topics.  These particular videos are derived from the Spanish Proficiency Training & Learner Corpus, a website that comprises over 320 videos of Spanish language learners.  The present website provides supplemental activities to help viewers investigate learners’ language and proficiency levels in connection with Lingüística aplicada:  adquisición del español como segunda lengua (Koike & Klee, 2003), a textbook on Spanish applied linguistics.

Like the textbook, this site offers activities based on different applied linguistics concepts related to language acquisition.  The activities are provided as interactive PDF forms, which allow the viewer to download each activity, enter responses in the form fields, and then save or print them to turn in to the instructor. Future language instructors and language learners alike can benefit from analyzing authentic examples of language learners’ speech.  The activities, based on the language learner videos, connect metalinguistic terms and linguistic concepts with authentic examples, exposing viewers to data that model the reality of their future classrooms.