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Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica



The purpose of this organization is to foster the study of Hispanic literature (Spanish, Spanish American, Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, US Latina) written by women. The association offers the opportunity to present papers at its annual conference, which serves as a forum for professional exchange, and to share research through its official organ, the academic journal, Letras Femeninas(http://www.letrasfemeninas.org), and the bi-annual online newsletter, GraFemas(http://grafemas.org/)

XXII Congreso Anual de la AILCFH
Grand Valley State University
8-10 noviembre, 2012.

CALL FOR PAPERS: January 20th- April 20, 2012
Between the Earth and Cyberspace

While at first blush, ecofeminism and cyberfeminism would seem to be antithetical tendencies, in fact, they are complementary ways of critiquing cultural assumptions surrounding women’s bodies, our lives and our texts. Taken together, these analytical methodologies can provide a holistic view of women’s cultural production that encompasses the full spectrum, from the natural and material to the artificial and virtual, and everything in between. Papers and/or panels may be on any period and topics might include:

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Mayra Fortes, Prof. Zulema Moret. Prof. Gabriela Pozzi, Prof. Keith Watts, Prof. Diane Wright Grand Valley State University, Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

For more information go to:
www.gvsu.edu/mll or contact Prof. Zulema Moret moretz@gvsu.edu


The executive committee of the International Association of Feminine Hispanic Literature and Culture (AILCFH) openly and without reservation denounces Senate Bill 1070 of Arizona for promoting racism and segregation, particularly against the Hispanic sector of that state. For governmental forces to detain any person under “reasonable suspicion” of illegal immigration involves racial profiling and disregard for the civil, human and constitutional rights of Arizona inhabitants. Likewise, we denounce the law of Gov. Jan Brewer that prohibits ethnic studies classes in the state´s public schools. The lack of understanding and dialog about the history of Arizona and the United States that this law entails promotes intolerance and racial and cultural segregation. For the above reasons, AILCFH will not hold any meetings or conferences in Arizona or any other state that follows this model until such measures are revoked.

Textos elaborados en el taller de creación literaria
Pariendo palabras
celebrado durante el último congreso de la AILCFH en Agnes Scott College
Atlanta, octubre 2008