Client Communication: From Good to Great

Here is what we would like to see you communicate to a client.

  • Succinctly – state your purpose of communication and, if necessary, how you became involved
  • Every email – provide a way to see the work quickly (link, attachment, image, complete file path)
  • Closure – ask for confirmation of completion
  • Invite more business – Say we are here to help and invite them to ask for it
If you practice this and make it your mantra, you are going to be a more desirable employee when you get out in the world. Why, because the client can confirm with almost no effort – also because the manager can get a quicker confirmation of completion and clean up their to do list. When you alone have a positive impact on the ability of those two events to be completed, you have just moved from being a good employee to a great and even more desirable
employee. — Andre

Example:Subject: Review:LabSpace Site Updates by LAITS

Good morning Dr. Moore,

Andre asked me to help out with the changes to the Cascade Site and I’m
happy to report that they are complete.

Please review the changes and let me know that everything is as it should

If you have anything else we can help out with, let us know and make sure
to include Suloni and/or Andre.

Thanks and have a great day,
Your Name,

STA | Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
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