Letter from the Dean, College of Liberal Arts

From: Randy Diehl
Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Subject: Lectures Online


I want to tell you about ‘Lectures Online’, an important instructional technology initiative the college has undertaken. Starting this semester, Libera Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) will begin installing and operating lecture capture equipment in our larger classrooms. The equipment will allow you to automatically record the audio of your lecture along with your PowerPoint (or any other video displayed on the room’s projector) and securely share the recording with your students online. We call this service Lectures Online. LAITS will install the equipment in phases. Here is a list of the rooms that currently have this service.

The service is voluntary for faculty members, but I encourage you to consider trying it. Higher education is changing rapidly, and it behooves us to become aware of and experiment with new methods and technologies.

You will have complete ownership of the recordings. LAITS will share them with your students only when and if you wish, and the college or the university will not reuse them without your direction. LAITS will save them only for your future use and will delete them whenever you ask.

Please contact Assistant Dean Joe TenBarge (tenbarge@austin.utexas.edu) with any questions you may have. Joe or one of his staff will be glad to share the results of the trial and explain the details of the service.

Best regards,

Randy L. Diehl
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
David Bruton, Jr., Regents’ Chair in Liberal Arts
GEB 3.200C, G6000
voice: (512) 232-5298
fax: (512) 471-4518