The Final Stretch…

Here’s what’s ahead, starting tomorrow.

M 4/29: Class symposium (see panels below)
I’ll provide a spread of vegan food–Mediterranean platter, popcorn tofu, sushi rolls–but bring your own beverages and anything else you’d like to eat.
Practice your talk to ensure that it comes in at <10min. I’ll stop you at time because this is going to be a tight fit.
Email me your symposium paper + bibliography right before or after class. (see guidelines)
If you’re showing PowerPoint slides or other media, email them to me before class. This will save time.
W 5/1 & F 5/3Office hours as usual
W 5/8Office hours TBD
F 5/10Papers due 5pm by email, in Word format. Include 2 cover letters (to me, to a journal editor) per the project guidelines.


Here are the groupings for the symposium:
“Utopia, The Unexpected”: Sara, Karen, Anne
Networks, Encounter”: Laura, Jenn, Reid
“Image | Narratives”: Rebecca, Perrin, Sequoia
“Human, Feeling”: Valerie, Julia, Alejandro

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