B) Listen to three audio clips and answer a question about each

Passage 4: A report on Iranian TV

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What is the news about?

The unexpected low rate of traffic violation
The decrease of traffic violation by 50 percents
The cooperation of drivers with the police
The high rate of total traffic violation this year

Passage 5: A report on Iranian TV

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Which of the following was NOT said in the news?

A bill on new ticketing regulations has been submitted to the parliament
During the spring break Police will penalize the drivers who have not changed their license plates
The license of drivers who get four minus points will be suspended
Police will impound the cars of drivers who get more than four minus points

Passage 6: News in Iranian TV

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According to the report, Albright believes George Bush’s policy on Iraq war has caused…

Irreparable damages
Tragic loss of lives
An unfavorable image of the US
Turmoil in the region