C) Listen to three audio clips and answer a question about each

Passage 7: Medical News in Iranian TV

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The news is mainly about the danger of stroke for the people who …

do not get enough sleep at night
have a heavy meal before going to bed
have chronic breathing problems
snore during the night

Passage 8: News by BBC

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According to the report, what did the Tehran University Chancellor say about the reason for the firing of a number of professors?

Their negligence and unacceptable absence
Pursuit of suspects for drug sale
Arresting illegal Afghan immigrants
Discovering fake IDs

Passage 9: A report (interview) by BBC

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What does Sadegh Saba think about Ahmadinejad’s visit to Iraq?

The visit will have a negative impact because it provokes Sunnis.
The Shia insurgents can potentially be strengthened by this visit.
The visit turns a new page in Iran-Iraq relations.
He cannot perceive any negative impact for the visit.