C) Read two sentences and answer two questions

مشکل اصلی تعداد مهمان‌هاست. فرهنگ زندگی سنتی و قبیله‌ای در اکثر نقاط افغانستان و حتا در شهرهای بزرگ، از جمله کابل، باعث می شود که تعداد مهمان‌ها بسیار زیاد باشد.

The text is about the main problem with the expenses of wedding parties in Afghanistan. What is this problem?

The large number of guests
Social pressure to provide the best food
The desire to have the party in a big city
The expenses asked by the bride’s family

دلیل دیگر هم این است که در میان بسیاری از خانواده‌ها این ذهنیت وجود دارد که تا قبل از ازدواج، پدر مالک دختر است اما بعد از ازدواج دیگر به پدرش تعلق ندارد. مثل فروش برده می ماند. و دختر هم قیمتش نباید کم باشد.

According to the text, what is an additional reason for expenses of a marriage?

For many families, the father considers having a daughter to be like owning a slave
For many families, the father considers his daughter a valuable contributor for the household and he wants to compensate for losing her contribution by charging the groom’s family.
In many cases the girl’s father asks for money to save it for his future grandchildren.
The expenses of a gift from the bride’s father to the groom’s family requires him to sell many of his belongings to be able to afford it.