A) Listen to four audio clips and answer a question about each

Listen to the audio files and choose the correct answer. (They are all from IRIB except the last one which is from VOA)

What is the speaker talking about?

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The success of birth-control plan in Iran
The Low annual rate of precipitation
The limited number of water source
The high number of unemployment

According to the report, sixty-four percents of Britons believe that . . .

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competition between parties has created an economic crisis.
financial situation of their family will get worse next year.
the labor party has not improved the economy.
the economy will face a crisis next year.

What is being advertised?

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According to the report, where has the enriched uranium been found?

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At the airport.
In a poor neighborhood.
In a laptop case in a car.
In 30 container carried by a truck.